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The Last Try

This may well be the last time I post a public entry here. I began my LiveJournal in June of 2001. In the past ten years, some of the most amazing people added me because they liked something they had read in my journal. It could only happen because whatever interested them enough to make them want to read it in the first place was a public entry. Thanks to a certain number of public entries I was blessed with the acquaintance of people who have since become more important to me than quite a few people I meet personally all the time. I understand some journals are friends only from the start. I respect that. But I never wanted mine to be that way. All these years later I'm glad I've posted a great number of public entries. They worked like introduction letters to some of the most awesome people I have communicated with in my entire life.

This, however, may be about to change, for I suspect it has become impossible, if not dangerous, to post public entries. Most of my public entries are being plagued with spam. All sorts of things are being offered to me, from traveling bargains to the delights of Russian pornographic sites, from gambling through some goddamn site called "Casino on Line", to a program to improve the health of my vagina. I am prepared to swear on the Bible that the latter is not a joke (I like to think my sense of humor hasn't gone so alarmingly awry).

In spite of being up to my ears with more work than I could ever imagine I would be handling in one go, which makes me wish a day could be at least 36 hours long, I will have to take time off it to go back to the beginning of my journal and edit all the public entries into friends only. And then, watch! I have already been added by two new users who turned out to be obviously fake. No Baker Street wisdom was called for to find out they were outlets for spam messages to be planted as baits in the hope that people would add them back. I could be angered by such a disgusting turn of events. But somehow I'm not. I'm just sad, immensely so, with the recurrent pattern of some of the most wonderful things that have been created by the human mind, such as the possibility of bringing together people who have everything to do with one another, but would otherwise go through life ignoring one another's existence, being used for purposes that end up making them look like a threat.

As it happens, under the double strain of spam making public entries impossible and some of the people who used to write the most wonderful things apparently failing to see that, whatever qualities it may have, Facebook is no replacement for the magic, the enchantment, and the irresistible charm of an online "book of days," LiveJournal seems to be going through a really bad crisis.


please don't go away.
oh no, i didn't mean that.
Don't leave!
I won't! I want to go on reading your awesome journal. I thought about you the other day, and about how much I think you would like Cassia Eller. The idea came to me when I found this incredible video which I didn't know (btw, Cassia Eller died in 2001): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nw-F58hKfVw
She is AWESOME! I've been listening to her music all evening :)
I'm so glad! She died 10 years ago (at 39, from an overdose). So now they are releasing the remastered version of her entire body of work and younger people are discovering her. She was an awesome artist, absolutely unique, and a great human being
I don't understand how this is happening. I have a lot of public entries but have never received spam that is connected to them - though I get tons of spam in my regular email. I'm confused about how the spam by way of Live Journal is reaching you. Well anyway, I'm glad I'll still be able to read your friends-only posts!
Yes, I have realized (especially after reading ulis's comment) that somehow different users have their journals set differently, meaning that what happens to one doesn't necessarily happen to others. I'm confused about the spam stuff too. But sometimes one of my old entries is bombarded with like twenty links in one go. Maybe they have seen the Gérard Philipe photo I use as my default icon picture and jumping to the conclusion that it is me decided that the guy ondisplay looks like n eager buyer. Poor Gérard Philipe!
Yes, I had to go friends-only years ago, and as I implied in response to your lovely birthday comment, I have observed this LJ crisis, too. People are abandoning LJ for Facebook, as you say-- I'm not entirely innocent of that-- but it is, as you also say, no replacement for LJ. I miss the old days! I need to do my part, and post more often.

Sorry for the spam trouble. I don't know much about how public entries cause spam, but recently, I changed the passwords on all my online accounts (e-mail, LJ, etc.) and it cut down on my spam a lot, in concert with working on the spam filters in my e-mail providers. Good luck; I hope it gets better.
Thank you for the comment and for the cue to change the passwords. I haven't done that in quite a while. It's a very good idea. I will love to see you post more.
My entries receive spam comments from time to time, not enough to discourage me. I'm sorry to hear it's so bad for you. The sad thing is that LJ's misfortune has so much to do with deliberate sabotage.
Thank you. You're quite right. There seems to be a lot of sabotage all over the internet these days. It's so weird, like it's part of something bigger that we don't quite understand.
Well, spam is recurrent. If you look carefully (at least is what's happening to my entries) all those spam comments are correctly considered as spam and are grey out, invisible to the eyes of all users until you say otherwise.
From time to time I check the LJ inbox and go to those entries and delete them, just because I don't like to see them,because no one else are seeing them. Or go to tehend of the post and check whats in "read suspicious comments" link.
Don't take that too serious.Besides the fact that LJ is being abandoned by a lot of people, they are doing a good job because spam comments are in fact being marked as spam.
Quoting a portuguese pun:
"Não leves isso tanto a peito ou não tarda não há soutien que te sirva"
Your comment comes in useful in trying to understand this whole thing. But what really made my day was the quote at the end. It made me crack with laughter. I'm going to share it with friends here and I'm sure it's going to be a smashing hit, not only because it's so funny, but especially because it's so true.
I've started getting them too, very annoying!

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