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All over LiveJournal, people are writing less and less. It's like one of those black-and-white sci-fi movies of the 1950s. Invasion of the Facebook Creatures ... Attack of the Killer Twitters ...



yes, i hope this expression of social media does not die.

the days are so full and i write and read and respond as i can.

i observe that some people like to write/talk but perhaps are not listening/responding to what others have to say.

we are in an age of instant communication with all the advances, but, i fear we are sometimes not building the beloved community.

all the best to you, dear friend.

I think about that, but it's nice to have the journal itself. If I count on keeping an offline diary a lot of thoughts never gets noted.
Don't worry about twitter. It is nothing but a harmless social network. It will make everyone happier, in the long run. Join us. Join us. Join us. Join us. Join us. Join us. Join us. Nothing could be simpler.
I said something similar this week and dabroots replied, "I feel wistful about Live Journal as the community it was until just a few years ago, and now it's a bit like visiting a town bypassed by the new highway. "
I know, Leo. I feel sad about my own lack of participation. For me, the issue is that most of my life and my thinking is about my two grown up childen (and my husband!). And that makes it inappropriate for sharing, mostly... Guess there is not much left of "me" to share, that's a strange perception!
I dispute this. Don't blame this on me. You have much to write. So there. I have spoken.
I was just thinking and regretting the same thing. I blame the fact that I keep writing on my blogger posts for the sake of trying to drive traffic there for the phantom carrot of Google AdSense income.

November 2012

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