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For posting the famous photograph (taken in 1952!) by the American photographer Art Shay of the French philosopher and novelist Simone de Beauvoir naked, Brazilian photographer Fernando Rabelo had his page suspended by Facebook for three days. This extremely bizarre attitude made the news all over the Brazilian press. The outstanding journalist Ancelmo Góis wrote about it in his column in O Globo (one of the two most important newspapers in Brazil), and his brilliant comment, accompanied by the celebrated photograph, was reproduced as a post on Facebook. Soon after being published, it was shared by quite a few people, including myself.

Less than an hour after I published it, the post was withdrawn by the site from all the pages where it had been reproduced. There isn't much to say. In cases like this, words become oddly inadequate.

Images become more eloquent.


Leo, I had never seen such a video. I have often read references to people of Paris weeping as the Germans arrived. This made it so perfectly clear. I could only watch a few seconds of it.
I suppose FB has some rules that don't make exceptions - do you suppose they'd let us post the statue of David?
Probably not. I'm tempted to try, I'm sick of Facebook anyway :P
I'm willing to bet they'd allow us to post Goya's painting Saturn Devouring His Son...because it's art you know.....I know which I'd rather look at, personally.
True. I'm getting tired of Facebook in a way that never happened here.
Yes, I suppose they have some pretty rigid rules. When it comes to nudity, it all seems so absurd to me! I find it difficult to follow the problems so many people still have with the image of the human body as it is ...
Talvez este não seja o local mais indicado, mas não quis que a felicitação de mais um aniversario fosse feita de forma quase automática via FB.
O mínimo que te posso desejar é um excelente ano,junto de quem mais gostares e com projetos que te preencham na totalidade.

Um grande e luminoso abraço a atravessar o atlântico
tudo bom [ ]

PS: se devido ao fuso aí ainda não for dia, aqui já é, por isso é válido na mesma ;-)
Obrigado, meu querido amigo do outro lado do atlântico. Tenho sempre muito bem guardada a esperança de que ainda haveremos de "tomar umas e outras", como dizemos cá no Brasil, e colocar a conversa em dia numa mesa de bar. Obrigado mesmo.

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